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Fenney Street Gin

Fenney Street Spirits is a small distillery in Manchester, England. It is known for making high-quality, small-batch gins. Each gin has a unique mix of botanicals and flavours. They blend innovation and tradition.

The story of Fenney Street Spirits is about passion and attention to detail. The distillery started with the goal of making unique spirits. It combines traditional distillation history with modern tastes. The team behind Fenney Street are flavour enthusiasts. They focus on how each botanical affects the gin's taste.

Their dedication to small-batch production is key. They make each batch carefully. This ensures quality and consistent flavour in every bottle. This artisanal approach gives them control over the entire process. This ensures each bottle has the intended flavour notes.

Fenney Street Gin, their signature product, mixes traditional and new. It has classic gin botanicals like juniper, coriander, and angelica root. It also has unique additions like hibiscus and bee pollen. These add sweetness and a floral note. The gin is complex but balanced, good for classic and modern cocktails.

Their Blush Gin is another notable product. It is a pink gin with a mix of botanicals. It has fresh raspberries, giving it sweet and tangy notes. It is fruity but keeps the crisp character of a premium gin.

The brand stands out for its extraction process. They gently release the botanicals' essential oils. This preserves each note in its purest form. This careful distillation gives their gin a rich, layered character.

Fenney Street Spirits shows the best of artisanal spirit making. They combine traditional distillation with modern flavours. Their commitment to small batches, quality ingredients, and innovative botanicals sets them apart. They don't just make gin; they create an experience in every bottle. Fenney Street is for connoisseurs and casual drinkers. It offers a journey of flavours, respecting the past while embracing modern tastes.

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