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Evangelista Liqueurs

Evangelista Liquori is a name that resonates with lovers of traditional Italian liqueurs. Originating from the Abruzzo region in Italy, the Evangelista family has been in the liqueur-making business since the early 20th century.

The story of Evangelista Liquori began in 1907 when Nicola Evangelista sought to create a remedy for the cold winter chill. Drawing from the rich tradition of herbal remedies, he crafted a blend which combined herbs from the Apennine mountains in Abruzzo with exotic spices. This remedy eventually became what is known today as "Ratafia," Evangelista's signature drink.

Over the years, Evangelista Liquori has expanded its range, while adhering to traditional production methods and keeping quality at the forefront. The brand is noted for its use of natural ingredients, eschewing artificial additives or colourants.

Some of the most notable products from Evangelista Liquori include:

Ratafia: The flagship product of Evangelista, it is made using black cherries and a blend of herbs and spices, then aged to perfection. The result is a drink with a rich, nuanced flavour profile - sweet, spicy, and slightly tart.

Punch Abruzzo: A blend of exotic fruits and aromatics that offers a warming and invigorating taste, often consumed as a digestive or in cocktails.

Liquirizia: As the name suggests, this is a liqueur made from licorice, boasting a sweet and slightly bitter flavour, reminiscent of the raw ingredient.

Amaro 33: A herbal liqueur that contains 33 different herbs. It's a digestif, consumed traditionally after meals, with a complex, bittersweet profile.

Evangelista Liquori stands as a testament to the Italian tradition of liqueur-making, a blend of age-old recipes and modern innovation. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a part of a cocktail, Evangelista products offer a genuine taste of Italy's Abruzzo region.

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