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Esker Spirits

Esker Spirits is a Scottish distillery known for blending tradition and innovation in gin making. Steven and Lynne Duthie founded it in Royal Deeside, Scotland, in 2015. The name 'Esker' comes from a glacial sediment ridge and reflects the natural landscape around the distillery.

The brand started in the Duthie family kitchen. It began as a hobby with a love for botanicals and a small copper still. It quickly grew, leading to a larger distillery. Their focus on quality comes from using the best botanicals, some local, showing the rich natural heritage of their area.

Esker Spirits has a range of gins known for their quality and unique tastes. Their main product, Esker Gin, has a classic juniper base with heather, silver birch sap, and other botanicals. This gives a crisp, clean, and refreshing taste. It celebrates the Scottish landscape and mixes traditional gin-making with a modern approach.

The distillery focuses on sustainability. They use water from a natural spring on their land and source local botanicals when possible. Their silver birch sap is tapped from their own trees. This shows their connection to the land and eco-friendly practices.

Esker Spirits' gin has won awards at various spirits competitions. These awards recognise the skill in blending traditional and modern flavours.

The company offers distillery tours and tastings. These let visitors learn about gin making and their products. This engagement with the community and commitment to education adds to their reputation.

They have expanded their range to include flavoured gins and other spirits. They keep experimenting with botanicals and production methods. They aim to grow while keeping their high standards.

Esker Spirits represents Scottish gin making. It combines craft tradition with a vision for the future. With its award-winning range and focus on customer experience, Esker Spirits is a key player in the Scottish gin scene. It also shares Scotland’s distilling heritage with the world.

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