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Ergaster Whisky

Ergaster Distillery in France is a hub for whisky lovers. It combines traditional distilling with innovation. Ergaster focuses on making gin and single malt whisky that reflects French craftsmanship and taste.

At Ergaster, high-quality barley is key. They select the best barley, organically grown in the Hauts de France region. The barley is dried carefully to keep a steady supply all year.

Malting brings the barley to life. They moisten the dormant barley, which starts to sprout in a controlled environment. This turns it into malt for the next steps.

Ergaster works with Brasserie Uberach in Alsace for brewing. This partnership values artisanal production and quality. Brewing and fermentation add distinct flavours and aromas from the malted barley and yeast.

The heart of the distillery is the Stupfler pot still. The French Government has praised it for its excellence. Using a naked flame in distillation brings out deep aromas and flavours from the malts and yeast.

Maturation transforms the liquid into nuanced whisky. This happens in Ergaster's storehouses. They use a double maturation process. The spirits first go into new oak casks, then into used oak casks. This adds complexity and preserves the spirit's character.

Bottling at Ergaster focuses on integrity and authenticity. They choose each cask for its quality. The final blend is a journey through each stage of production.

Ergaster Distillery shows how traditional practices can meet modern methods. More than just processes, Ergaster respects the craft of distilling.

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