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El Rayo Tequila

El Rayo Tequila blends tradition and modernity and was born from a profound appreciation for the vibrant and diverse culture of Mexico. The brand has a clear vision: to deliver a contemporary tequila experience that honours its rich, cultural roots while appealing to a new generation of drinkers.

Co-founders Jack Vereker and Tom Bishop embarked on this spirited journey driven by a moment under the vast Mexican sky, struck by the natural beauty and captivated by the boundless energy of the country. El Rayo, translating to "the lightning", seeks to encapsulate that unbridled, natural energy and the deep, historic roots of tequila-making in its offerings.

Unique in its approach, El Rayo tequila shuns the commonplace. It magnifies the natural flavours of high-quality, sustainably farmed blue agave through a careful process that respects tradition and embraces innovation. The brand introduces two primary expressions: El Rayo Plata and El Rayo Reposado, each providing a distinct yet equally compelling tequila experience. The Plata offers a pure, unaged variant that highlights the crisp, fresh notes of agave, while the Reposado is rested in whisky barrels, adding a layer of complexity and subtle woody undertones to its profile.

El Rayo tequila serves not merely as a drink but as a celebration of Mexican culture, a homage to the ancient tradition of agave cultivation and tequila production, and a refreshing entry into modern-day mixology. Whether sipped slowly and savoured or blended into a contemporary cocktail, it carries the vibrant energy of that distant lightning strike, etching a memory of Mexico’s beauty and vitality into each experience.

In essence, El Rayo pays a respectful ode to the past while confidently stepping into the future, striking a balance that many spirits strive to achieve yet few genuinely master, bringing a new, illuminating perspective to the world of tequila.

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El Rayo Reposado product image
El Rayo Reposado
70 cl / 40% ABV
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12 Reviews
36.79 -3%
El Rayo Plata product image
El Rayo Plata
70 cl / 40% ABV