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El-Bart Gin

El-Bart Gin, dating back to the late 19th century, reflects the legacy of its founder, James Sceats, and his family. James, born in 1851 in Homerton, Middlesex, England, started as a cooper trainee and later became a wine and spirit merchant. His key moment was in 1898 when he and partner Basil Willis bought the Camberwell Distillery in London. There, they created the original El-Bart Gin recipe.

El-Bart Gin became famous, especially in the United States. It was the top-selling London Gin in the early 20th century. The gin was popular at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Hugo Ensslin, a famous bartender at the Wallick Hotel in New York, used it in his cocktails. He included El-Bart Gin in his book of cocktail recipes, such as the Aviation Cocktail.

After James Sceats died in 1903, his family revived the recipe and the business. The gin, still made to the 1898 recipe, celebrates James Sceats' vision and innovation.

The Sceats family, originally from Old Sodbury Gloucestershire, has ventured into various industries, including jewellery and optical design. El-Bart Gin is part of this history. The company has a Shareholder Advisory Board of family members. They have special shares and advise the Board of Directors.

The story is about more than a spirit. It's about a family's rise to global recognition in the spirits industry. This gin combines historical legacy with modern appeal. It is popular among gin enthusiasts and collectors.

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