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El Bandarra Vermouth

El Bandarra Vermouth stands as a testament to Spain's rich history of vermouth production. Crafted by the Virgili brothers, Albert and Alex, the brand showcases the traditions of their Catalan homeland.

El Bandarra has its roots in the White Cellar of the Giró Ribot family, a long-standing establishment with over half a century of winemaking expertise. The family's traditions and knowledge serve as the bedrock upon which the Virgili brothers built El Bandarra.

El Bandarra Vermouth is made from high-quality Macabeo and Xarel·lo grapes, native to the region. Once these grapes are transformed into wine, they are aged in wooden barrels and later macerated with a careful blend of botanicals, including wormwood, orange, and elderflower, among others. This intricate process provides the drink with its distinct flavour and aromatic profile.

The rich and aromatic nature of El Bandarra Vermouth makes it an ideal aperitif. The deep amber hue of the red vermouth, combined with its earthy, herbal notes, offers a delightful sensory experience. Depending on the specific variant, one might detect hints of vanilla, dried herbs, spices, and citrus. Its balanced sweetness complements these flavours, making it pleasant to sip on its own or as part of a cocktail.

A defining aspect of El Bandarra is its vibrant and nostalgic packaging. Drawing inspiration from the lively terraces of Barcelona and the Mediterranean lifestyle, the labels display vintage designs that echo the 1950s and 1960s. This aesthetic choice not only resonates with the history of vermouth in Spain but also emphasises the brand's commitment to celebrating the cultural vibrancy of its origins.

Traditionally, vermouth is enjoyed as an aperitif, and El Bandarra is no exception. It's commonly served on the rocks with an orange slice, or with seltzer for those preferring a lighter touch. The drink pairs beautifully with olives, chips, and tapas, making it a favourite choice during the Spanish ritual of "la hora del vermut" (the vermouth hour).

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