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Eighty-Six Friends

In 2020, during the global pandemic, two friends born in 1986 turned their dreams into reality. They started Eighty-Six Friends, a premium spirits brand. With extra time in lockdown, they dived into making spirits. They had always talked about starting a business focused on high-quality drinks.

The name Eighty-Six Friends comes from their birth year and the phrase 'eighty-six it,' used in the Prohibition era to warn bars of raids. Their logo, a cockatoo named Sammi with a monocle, shows their commitment to spirits that enhance social events. The monocle stands for the quality of their products.

The founders focused on simplicity, premium quality, natural ingredients, and great flavour. They aimed to make top rums and gin with unique flavours, using natural ingredients and local sources when possible. They wanted their spirits to combine great taste with high quality.

They spent nearly a year developing flavours, with help from friends' tasting and feedback. In July 2021, they launched three premium spirits: Mel (Honey), Musa (Banana), and Rheum (Rhubarb).

Mel is a Honey Spiced Rum. It mixes local honey from Cambridgeshire and Suffolk with orange zest, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and maple syrup.

Musa is a Banana Rum. It has a strong banana smell with toffee and cinnamon hints. The taste includes citrus and tropical notes, ending with a lasting banana flavour.

Rheum is a Cloudy Rhubarb & Apple Gin. It starts with a strong rhubarb smell and a hint of red apple. The taste moves from sweet rhubarb to tart apple. It includes fresh fruit juices for a unique flavour mix. A special method keeps the rhubarb's cloudiness and taste.

Despite challenges, the founders' community support kept them going. They plan to expand their range in the coming years. They stay true to their original ethos: simplicity, quality, natural ingredients, and no compromise on flavour. They believe in not rushing perfection.

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