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Edmunds Cocktails

Edmunds Cocktails stands out in a world where people often choose convenience over quality. They specialise in pre-bottled cocktails. The result makes great mixology easy for both experienced drinkers and beginners. You don't have to mix from scratch to enjoy their expertly made drinks.

Their Pornstar Martini is modern and stylish. It combines the tropical taste of passion fruit with the smoothness of vanilla. Vodka and a hint of lime add to its appeal. This cocktail is vibrant and perfect for contemporary tastes.

The Strawberry Daiquiri captures the feel of summer. It's fruity and sweet, like sunny afternoons and warm evenings. White rum keeps it classic, and pre-pressed strawberries make it consistent and easy to enjoy.

Their Negroni respects tradition. It blends dry gin, red vermouth, and Campari with a touch of orange. This mix creates a bitter, herbal, and citrusy drink. It's sophisticated and great for those who want a mature taste.

The Espresso Martini is indulgent. It mixes strong coffee aromas with smooth spirits. This cocktail is perfect for after-dinner or late-night gatherings.

Their Old Fashioned brings a classic feel. Edmunds uses English whisky for a unique twist. The whisky's richness, combined with bitters and orange, creates a memorable drink.

Edmunds Cocktails focuses on making mixology available to everyone. They choose quality ingredients and get the ratios right. Each bottle offers consistency, quality, and a special taste. Edmunds is a leader in the pre-bottled cocktail market.

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