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DYC Whisky

In 1959, Segovian businessman Nicomedes García Gómez embarked on an unusual endeavour. He founded DYC (Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky), fulfilling his ambition to become Spain's pioneer whisky distiller. DYC emerged as the first Spanish whisky crafted using traditional Scottish methods. Nicomedes' vision wasn't solely groundbreaking; his choice of location was also astutely strategic. The distillery was established in Segovia, a region whose climate mirrors Scotland's. Coupled with the high-quality cereals from Castille-et-León, the vicinity of the river, and its exceptionally pure waters, DYC whiskies were birthed. They exhibit a Scottish spirit yet unabashedly celebrate their Spanish accent.

Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky S.A., commonly referred to as Whisky DYC, is a testament to Nicomedes García Gómez's vision from 1958. It subsequently became a subsidiary of Beam Suntory. The inaugural distillery, set up in Palazuelos de Eresma, Segovia, commenced operations in February 1959, and by March 1963, Whisky DYC began its production as Spain's first whisky. While its original output was a million litres annually, this soared to twenty million in the 1980s. The distillery still retains this production capability, although recent yields have been notably reduced.

Affordably priced compared to many American, Canadian, Scotch, and Irish whiskies, DYC caters to the budget-conscious Spanish consumer. It is often blended with soft drinks like Coca-Cola or Fanta. The brand gained considerable recognition in the 1990s owing to its marketing strategy. DYC positioned itself as a choice for individuals uninterested in flaunting affluence through imported whiskies, encapsulated in its 1989 slogan "Gente sin complejos" (People with no complex).

The DYC whisky range comprises five distinctive labels:

DYC: A blended whisky.

DYC 5: Blended and matured for five years in American oak.

DYC 8: Blended and aged for eight years in American oak.

DYC Pure Malt: A blended whisky matured in oak with no specified age statement.

DYC Single Malt: A genuine single malt aged for ten years.

In sum, DYC whiskies represent a confluence of Spanish innovation and Scottish tradition, offering an accessible yet premium spirit experience.

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