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Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery, located in the heart of Durham, reflects the city's rich history and UNESCO World Heritage status. More than just a place for making spirits, it's a part of the city's essence. The distillery values honesty over deception, focusing on the true art of spirit-making. It welcomes both experts and beginners to learn about distillation without any pretence.

The distillery's founders were inspired by American Bourbon distilleries in college towns. They aimed to make exceptional spirits in Durham, known for its academic and historical significance. They chose a straightforward, high-quality approach rather than imitating traditional styles.

Durham's blend of academic and industrial heritage influenced the distillery's design. It combines elegant colours with industrial elements, reflecting the city's diverse character. The distillery draws from Durham's history of independence under Prince Bishops, echoing this spirit in its brand.

Local sourcing is key. They use grains from nearby areas and Durham's spring water. Local botanicals like Elderflower and Juniper add a regional touch to their gin. They aim to stand out with a unique single malt whisky, the first from North East England. Their whisky is aged for at least three years. It aims for a lighter and smoother taste, different from traditional Scotch or Irish whiskies.

Authenticity is central to Durham Distillery. They pride themselves on transparent production methods. Their hands-on process includes crushing juniper berries for their gin. The process was inspired by the 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement. They oppose industrial uniformity, making spirits that tell a story.

Each spirit from Durham Distillery embodies the character of its hometown. They combine careful crafting with local ingredients. This ensures each bottle tells a story of authenticity and origin. The distillery is more than a place for making spirits. It's a cultural landmark, merging traditional distilling with modern tastes. Every bottle captures Durham's enduring spirit.

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