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Domaine OTT Wine

Domaine OTT is a famous winery in Provence, France. It is known for its beautiful vineyards and high-quality wines. The winery started in the late 19th century. It is known for making premium wines that show the qualities of the Mediterranean area.

Marcel Ott started the winery in 1896. He was an agricultural engineer from Alsace. He came to Provence, interested in its winemaking potential. He wanted to make great Provencal wines. He used careful vineyard practices and new winemaking methods.

Domaine OTT includes several estates in the area. Each one has different soil and climate conditions. Château de Selle is on a high plateau in Var. It has rocky, limestone soils. This adds to the wines' strong character and complexity. Clos Mireille is near the Mediterranean coast. It has old alluvial soil and a sea breeze. This influences the vineyards' climate and the wines' minerality and freshness. Château Romassan is in Bandol. It has terraced vineyards on limestone soil. This makes wines with great structure and longevity.

The winery is famous for its rosés. They are a symbol of luxury and Provencal wine. The winemaking starts in the vineyard. They pick grape types that suit the Provencal climate and soil. They use traditional grapes like Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. They farm sustainably. This helps the local ecosystem and improves the vines' quality.

Precision is key in their winemaking. They pick grapes by hand and only use the best ones. They use both old and new methods. This includes direct pressing and cold maceration. This gets the delicate flavours and aromas without harming the wines' balance and elegance.

Domaine OTT also makes red and white wines. The reds are deep, full of character, and can age well. They show the power of the Provencal sun and the earth's richness. The whites are aromatic and lively. They have a balance that makes them both easy to drink and complex.

Their bottle design also shows their commitment to quality. The distinct shape, created in 1930, shows the wines' elegance and prestige. It is a sign of Domaine OTT’s dedication to excellence.

The winery is still family-owned. Marcel Ott's descendants continue his work. In 2004, they partnered with the Louis Roederer Group. This helped the winery grow. It allowed more investment in vineyards and winemaking technology.

Visiting the winery is a full experience. Visitors can tour the vineyards and taste different vintages. They can learn about the winery's history and the effort behind each bottle.

Domaine OTT is more than just a winery. It shows the vision of its founder and the rich landscapes of Provence. Each bottle is a sign of over a century of winemaking tradition. It shows the spirit of the region and continues to be a sign of quality worldwide.

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