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Dolin, a French vermouth maker, started in 1821 in Chambéry, Savoie. Joseph Chavasse founded it. Dolin is known for making quality vermouth. It has been important in the history of this wine.

Joseph Chavasse was a distiller. He used local Alpine plants to make a special vermouth. Savoie's environment was perfect for getting high-quality herbs for vermouth.

Dolin's vermouth was always elegant and well-balanced. They use many herbs, fruits, and spices, like chamomile and rose petals. These are mixed with wine and spirit and then sweetened. This makes a tasty drink.

The company has kept its old methods. They make vermouth in small batches for better quality control. This ensures each batch is excellent.

Dolin has different vermouths, like Dry, Blanc, and Rouge. Each has its own taste. Dry is light and herbal, good for Martinis. Blanc is sweet and floral, nice over ice or in aperitif cocktails. Rouge is rich and fruity, great for Negronis.

The company also makes other fortified wines and liqueurs. Their Chamberyzette is a strawberry vermouth. It shows their creativity.

Visitors can tour the facilities in Chambéry. They can learn about vermouth making and taste different products. This gives a full experience.

Dolin has been making high-quality vermouths for nearly 200 years. Their focus on craftsmanship, fine botanicals, and old methods has made them a top vermouth producer. They have helped make vermouth popular worldwide.

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