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D. J. Limbrey

D1 London Spirits combines traditional distilling with modern artistry. Based in the United Kingdom, it's known for its excellent gin and vodka. Each bottle shows their commitment to quality, creativity, and spirits heritage.

The London Gin is sophisticated and complex. It balances a high-proof spirit with a mix of botanicals. The main ingredient is traditional juniper. This gives it classic deep, piney notes. The distillers added more botanicals for a unique flavour. Coriander adds citrusy and nutty notes. Orange and lemon peels bring zesty brightness. Blueberries add a subtle sweetness and tangy finish. Cassia bark, angelica root, and nettles give earthy, spicy, and herbaceous undertones.

The packaging of is also special. They worked with artist Jacky Tsai on a floral skull design. This represents the gin's blend of British and global influences. It symbolises the modern revival of traditional gin culture. Each bottle is a collector's item and conversation starter.

The Potato Vodka is known for its purity and smoothness. The distillers use high-starch potatoes instead of grains. This gives a creamy mouthfeel and subtle sweetness. The vodka is clear, smooth, and slightly sweet. It's great neat or in cocktails.

The production process is precise. They use continuous column distillation for purity and flavour refinement. The water is from natural sources and treated to be clean and soft. This adds to the vodka's silky texture.

D1 London Spirits focuses on quality over quantity. They choose non-GMO potatoes and carefully ferment, distil, and filter their spirits. Their dedicated team oversees this process. This care is evident in every sip of D1 Potato Vodka.

D1 London Spirits is more than just a spirit maker. They create sensory experiences. They combine quality ingredients, artistic presentation, and refined flavours. They offer a journey into the artistry of contemporary London's spirit scene.

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