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1731 Rum

The Distillery 1731 offers a range of rums from the Caribbean and South America. The brand represents a new view on rum, bringing old flavours to your glass.

The year 1731 is important in rum history. It marks when the British Royal Navy started giving sailors rum as part of their pay. Rum has been key in the region for many years.

Today, the brand symbolises a variety of rums. Each one has a unique character that tells its origin story. These rums show their natural colour and flavour. They have no additives.

The collection includes three regional rum blends and three single-origin rums. These come from Central America to South America.

The British West Indies Blend is a small batch. It combines rums from three islands. It includes Pot Still rums from Jamaica, a mix of Column Still and Pot Still rums from Barbados aged in oak, and aged Column Still rums from Trinidad.

This eXtra Old blend mixes rums of different ages. It doesn't have an Age Statement. The ages range from 0 to 8 years.

The Spanish Caribbean Blend is 100% Column Still rum. It blends 5-year-old rums from Cuba with up to 8-year-old rums from the Dominican Republic. This small batch captures Spanish Caribbean flavours.

This Extra Old blend also mixes rums of different ages. It doesn't have an Age Statement. The ages range from 3 to 8 years.

The Central America Blend is a small batch from Guatemala, Panama, and Belize. It includes traditionally distilled Column Still rums. This blend has a 4-year-old rum from Guatemala, a 2-year-old rum from Belize, and a 6-year-old rum from Panama.

This Extra Old blend combines rums of various ages. It doesn't have an Age Statement. The ages vary from 2 to 6 years.

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