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Distillerie Laurens Whisky

Distillerie Laurens is in the heart of France. It is known for tradition, local produce, and new distillation methods. It offers a wide range of spirits that tell the story of their origin. The distillery started as a small family business. It has grown into a well-known name in the spirits industry. This is due to its careful crafting processes and rich regional resources.

The Range

The distillery's products show its skill and versatility. They make brandies, liqueurs, and international spirits like whisky, gin, and rum. Their flagship brandy is a classic French spirit. It uses local grapes and ages in oak barrels. This makes a spirit that is rich in colour, body, and complexity. It has fruity notes with oak and spicy warmth.


Their herbal liqueurs are also notable. They use local herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme. These botanicals give the liqueurs a mix of herbal depth and sweetness. They are good as digestifs.

Fruit Spirits

Their fruit spirits, especially apple and pear, show their commitment to local, quality ingredients. These spirits keep the authentic taste of fresh fruit.

Whisky, Gin and Rum

Their whisky, gin, and rum are also special. The whisky is smooth and peaty. It gets richness and flavour from ageing in barrels. Their gin has a mix of local herbs and botanicals, with juniper berries at the centre. The rum is balanced and subtle. It has sweetness from sugarcane and a complex flavour from ageing.

Flavoured Vodkas

Their flavoured vodkas are creative. The berry-infused vodka is a standout. It blends the tartness of berries with smooth vodka. This creates a versatile and flavourful drink.

Each bottle from Distillerie Laurens tells its heritage story. It shows their French roots and their ongoing evolution. They blend traditional methods with new techniques. They use local resources and a global palate. Distillerie Laurens doesn't just make spirits; it crafts experiences that cross history, geography, and taste.

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