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Distilleria Santa Vittoria Gin

Distilleria Santa Vittoria is in Piemonte, Italy. It makes the famous Villa Ascenti gin. The distillery is known for using Italian traditions with new methods. Their gin reflects the Italian culture and land.

Villa Ascenti Gin is a main product of the distillery. It celebrates Piemonte's natural gifts. The gin is a mix of local botanicals and traditional ingredients like juniper. This creates a complex and rich taste.

The distillery combines old and new distilling methods. They use local botanicals and pot stills to make a vibrant gin. Villa Ascenti captures the beauty of Piemonte in a bottle. It offers a unique and deep taste.

The distillers pick the best ingredients. Each bottle of Villa Ascenti captures the spirit of the region. The gin has many flavours, like fresh herbs, citrus, and florals. It is traditional but also modern. It is great in cocktails or a classic gin and tonic.

Distilleria Santa Vittoria shows the spirit of Italy. It keeps Italian distilling traditions alive. Villa Ascenti gin connects the past and present. It delights gin fans worldwide.

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