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Devon Cove

Devon Cove Distillery captures the essence of the scenic Devon coastline in its spirits, exemplifying the synergy between local produce and artful distillation. Located in a picturesque setting, the distillery utilises its regional advantages, sourcing ingredients and inspiration from the verdant landscapes that surround it.

At the heart of Devon Cove's offerings is their commitment to showcasing the terroir of Devon. This is most evident in their flagship spirit made from King Edward potatoes, grown in their family-owned fields that overlook the sea. The use of this particular variety lends a unique, smooth character to the spirits.

The distillation process at Devon Cove is marked by meticulous attention to detail. Each batch undergoes a careful process to ensure that the end product retains the delicate nuances of its ingredients. The distillery champions traditional methods, blending them seamlessly with modern techniques to achieve the desired profile for their spirits.

One of the remarkable aspects of Devon Cove Distillery is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the bounty of nature they draw from, there's a concerted effort to minimise environmental impact. From sustainable farming practices to energy conservation in their operations, the distillery endeavours to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

But beyond the process and the sustainability efforts, it's the flavour profiles of Devon Cove's spirits that garner attention. Their drinks exude a distinct character, an amalgamation of the coastal air, the rich Devon soil, and the pristine waters. Each sip is reminiscent of a walk along the Devon coastline, with its salty breeze and fresh, invigorating air.

In the world of spirits, Devon Cove Distillery stands as a beacon of what's achievable when passion, locality, and craftsmanship come together. Their spirits are not just beverages; they are a celebration of Devon's landscapes, traditions, and the vibrant community that supports them.

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