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Denver & Liely

Denver & Liely, started by Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner, is an Australian company known for its special glassware. They focus on design and how glassware improves the drinking of fine spirits.

The Start of Denver & Liely

Cramer and Faulkner aimed to make spirit drinking better. Coming from design fields, they looked at drinking from a fresh point of view. They focused on how the drinker senses the spirit.

Changing Glassware Design

Denver & Liely became known for their new glassware design. Their first product was the Whisky Glass. They saw that traditional whisky glasses, like tumblers and snifters, had limits. Their design, mixing a tumbler and snifter, brings out whisky's aromas and flavours. This offers a better tasting experience.

Beyond Whisky

After their whisky glass success, they made glassware for other spirits. Their Gin Glass improves the experience of gin's botanicals. It has a wider surface and shape to better deliver the gin's aromas. They also made glasses for tequila and mezcal, considering these spirits' unique tastes.

Design Philosophy

Denver & Liely's design is about simplicity, function, and feeling. Their glasses look good and feel right in the hand. They enhance the drinking ritual. Each part of the glass adds to its look and use.

Effect on the Spirits Industry

Their glassware has won praise from experts and fans. It enhances how spirits are enjoyed. Their approach has changed how people think about and use their drinks. Their glasses are popular in homes, bars, and restaurants.

Sustainability and Craftsmanship

Denver & Liely also focus on sustainable production. They make quality, long-lasting glassware. Their hand-blown glasses show a dedication to craftsmanship. This sets them apart in a world of mass production.

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