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Demerara Distillers Limited Rum

Demerara Distillers is part of Guyana's rich history and rum-making tradition. Located by the Demerara River, it's known for high-quality rums. These rums carry stories of colonial times and sugar estates. It also combines traditional techniques with modern practices.

The distillery's roots go back to the 17th century. European settlers started sugar estates in Guyana. The Demerara area was perfect for sugarcane, leading to over 300 estates making their own rum. Over time, these merged. By the 20th century, Demerara Distillers preserved this rum-making legacy.

They are committed to traditional methods. They use some of the world's oldest stills. This includes the Wooden Coffey Still from the 1800s and the over 250-year-old Wooden Pot Still. These give their rums a unique character, valued by collectors.

The company also embraces innovation. They use new technologies to improve their rums. Modern fermentation, ageing, and blending mix with old methods. This approach makes each bottle, from El Dorado to limited editions, both classic and new.

The Demerara region's climate affects the rum’s flavour. Warmth and humidity speed up ageing, adding depth. Aged in oak, the rum gets caramel tones with tropical fruit and spice flavours. This has won Demerara Distillers global praise.

Sustainability and community are key for them. They work to protect the land and its people. This includes sustainable sugarcane farming and eco-friendly production.

Visiting the distillery is like stepping back in time. You can feel the history in the ageing barrels, old stills, and fermenting molasses smell. Their hospitality adds to the experience.

Demerara Distillers is a guardian of Guyana's rum heritage. Their rums offer a taste of history and craftsmanship.

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