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Debbie and Simon Rutherford, a husband and wife team, established Rutherfords, Scotland's first micropub, in the summer of 2015. Located in the Lothians and Borders region, Rutherfords quickly gained acclaim, winning ten awards, including the Visit Scotland Award for the Best Bar/Pub in 2020. The establishment was later sold to local businessman Paul Mitchell in 2021. Subsequently, in June 2021, the Rutherfords launched 'Rutherfords 2', a unique mobile bar concept.

Following the success of their micropub, the Rutherfords ventured into the spirits industry. In 2017, they introduced specialist microbatch spirits under the label DeliQuescent, adding a new dimension to their business portfolio. This range of spirits became known for its innovative approach to flavour, with the Rutherfords expressing a particular interest in experimenting with new cocktail ideas.

The development of DeliQuescent took a significant leap in 2021, during a prolonged lockdown period. This time allowed for extensive experimentation with cocktail recipes, leading to the addition of the 'Freeze Me/Squeeze Me' cocktail range. This expansion was a testament to the creativity and adaptability of the Rutherfords in the face of challenging times.

DeliQuescent's product line includes several unique and imaginative gins. The range features the world's first Haggis Gin, described as a smooth, warming spirit with spicy and peppery notes. Notably, the gin is vegan, meat-free, and gluten-free, ensuring no animals were harmed in its making. Another innovative creation is the Candy Floss Gin, a pale pink gin with subtle hints of spun sugar, perfectly complemented when mixed with tonic.

The Toffee Apple Gin in the DeliQuescent range is known for its blend of crisp apple and creamy toffee flavours, with a visually striking iridescent quality reminiscent of sugar candy coating. This gin is recommended to be mixed with a splash of Appletiser and served with an apple slice.

Lastly, their Rhubarb Rock Gin stands out for its exceptional taste when paired with a quinine-free tonic, delivering the distinct fruity juiciness of traditional Rhubarb Rock.

DeliQuescent, through its innovative spirit range, demonstrates a dedication to flavour experimentation and a passion for creating unique drinking experiences, reflecting the Rutherfords' commitment to innovation in the spirits category.

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