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Defilement Whisky

What makes a whisky? It boils down to specifics. Let's break down the nuances of the Defilement 40 Year Old brand.

For a spirit to be classified as whisky, it needs at least 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). As whisky gets older, its ABV can decrease, especially in Scotland. If it drops below 40%, mix it with a higher ABV whisky, and you’re back in business.

Imagine you have four casks in Scotland: two with single grain whisky at 39% ABV and two with single malt at 41% ABV. Combine one cask from each type, and you get a 40% ABV blended whisky.

However, complications arise when transporting whiskies. If the ABV of the grain whisky is below 40% during transportation, it's labelled as a 'spirit drink'. So, blending it with malt whisky can cause some regulatory headaches.

In simple terms:

Single Grain (below 40% ABV) + Single Malt = A Regulatory Issue.

Yet, the Defilement 40 Year Old manages this well. It uses matured whiskies that have gone below 40% ABV, blends them with higher ABV whiskies, and ensures they qualify as whisky again.

In essence, the Defilement 40 Year Old Whisky is a blend crafted by manoeuvring through these specific rules, resulting in a straightforward but really rather delicious spirit.

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