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Danish Distillers

Danish Distillers, or De Danske Spritfabrikker in Danish, was started by C.F. Tietgen in 1881. It's a key spirit producer in Denmark, known for akvavits like Aalborg Akvavits. Akvavit, also called aquavit, is a traditional Scandinavian spirit. It dates back to the 15th century and is usually flavoured with caraway or dill seed.

Aalborg Akvavits is a leading Danish akvavit brand. It's known globally. The range includes Aalborg Taffel Akvavit with a clear, caraway flavour. Other varieties might have dill, coriander, anise, and citrus flavours. These spirits are part of Danish food traditions. They're often enjoyed during festive events, especially with smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches).

Another famous product is Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram, a Danish bitters. People drink it as an aperitif or to help with a hangover. It's a complex bitter. The recipe has 29 types of herbs, spices, and flowers. It's flavourful and aromatic. The recipe is a secret, which adds to its appeal.

Gammel Dansk means "Old Danish." It shows the heritage and traditional methods of Danish Distillers. It was introduced in the 1960s. It quickly became a symbol of good taste and Danish "hygge" (cosiness).

Danish Distillers has had different owners over the years. As of my last update, Arcus Group from Norway owns the Aalborg brand. Arcus Group works in wine and spirits.

The making of Aalborg Akvavits and Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram is deeply Danish. Both brands are heritage products. Aalborg Akvavits has a Royal Warrant of Appointment. This means it's supplied to the Royal Danish Court.

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