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Dad's Hat Whiskey

Dad’s Hat Whiskey operates from Bristol, Pennsylvania, offering a distinct nod both to the region’s history and to a personal narrative. Established by Herman Mihalich and John S. Cooper, the distillery is a tribute to the legacy of Pennsylvania rye whiskey, amalgamating tradition with a contemporary approach to distillation and branding.

Pennsylvania, with its rich whiskey-producing history, particularly in rye whiskeys, provides a fitting backdrop to the Dad’s Hat story. Historically, the state was at the forefront of rye whiskey production in the United States. The resurrection of these traditions by Dad’s Hat serves not only as a tribute to the bygone era but also as a tangible effort to revitalise a once-thriving industry.

Mihalich, having spent childhood days observing his father at his own beverage distillery, was inherently familiar with the industry from a young age. He vividly recalls his father, always adorned with a classic fedora, which later became a symbol for Dad’s Hat Whiskey. This personal and nostalgic element, reflected in the distillery's name and logo, gives the brand a warm, relatable appeal.

The whiskey itself is rooted firmly in Pennsylvania tradition, aiming to reproduce the classic, spicy, and robust flavours associated with the historical rye whiskeys of the region. Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey distinguishes itself by employing a mash bill that consists of a substantial 80% rye, providing the trademark spicy, fruit-laden character that rye enthusiasts chase. This is further complemented with a dash of malted barley and malted rye, which lend additional complexity and a subtle, underlying sweetness.

A noteworthy characteristic of Dad’s Hat Whiskey is the attention paid to the ageing process. The whiskey is aged in charred, white oak quarter casks, allowing for a quicker, more intense ageing process. This strategy effectively gives the spirit a robust and mature profile that belies its relatively young age.

Dad’s Hat sets itself apart by offering a range of rye whiskeys that explore various facets of the spirit. From their classic Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, revered for its spicy and rounded profile, to their Vermouth Barrel Finished Rye, which brings an alluring complexity and a touch of sweetness, they manage to showcase the versatility of rye whiskey while adhering to traditional crafting methods.

In essence, Dad’s Hat Whiskey serves as a beacon for Pennsylvania’s rye whiskey history, illuminating the past through its traditionally crafted, high-quality offerings. Mihalich and Cooper have successfully sculpted a brand that resonates with both the discerning whiskey enthusiast and the casual sipper, merging the lines between tradition and innovation and proffering a product that is authentic, quality-driven, and intrinsically tied to the rich tapestry of Pennsylvania’s whiskey heritage. Through meticulous craftsmanship, a commitment to quality, and a genuine, heartfelt narrative, Dad’s Hat stands firmly as a notable chapter in the ongoing story of American whiskey.

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