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Crystal Head

When American portrait and sculpture artist John Alexander had an idea for a brand of tequila that would be presented in a crystal skull, he decided that man to bring this concept to life was film legend Dan Aykroyd (if you don't think he is, please either watch Blues Brothers and agree, or never speak to me again). However, while Aykroyd liked the the crystal skull aspect*, he suggested that the duo instead make vodka with no additives in Newfoundland, Canada. To create a clean, quality vodka, Crystal Head uses only cream corn and peaches as base ingredients, which are distilled four times into a neutral grain spirit. This is then blended using pristine water from Newfoundland, before the vodka is filtered a further seven more times, three of which through layers of semi precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. There is nothing added to enhance or mask the taste at any point in this method. Exceptional vodka is only part of the brand’s oeuvre, however. The striking bottle, (in the shape of a crystal skull, in case you’d somehow managed to forget that) is a key component, and Milan-based glass-manufacturer Bruni Glass are, as of now, the only team trusted to create the unique receptacle. The process they use begins by applying an electrical charge to the original bottle in a sealed chamber, which activates two metals in powder form and draws them to the bottle in a pressurised chamber, completely coating it. High temperature is then applied to melt the powder and create the iridescent metalized finish. This whole procedure is too specific to be replicated identically, so there can be no two bottles alike. Since its inception, Crystal Head Vodka has won numerous awards and recognition, including the distinction of being picking up gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 and 2017 Frontier Awards Buyers’ Forum. They probably would have preferred it they were crystal medals, but I’m sure the plaudits are still very welcome. *I didn’t think I’d ever hear that in a post Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull world.

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