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Crossip Spirit

Crossip is a non-alcoholic spirits brand. It stands out in a growing market with innovative, inclusive, and strong flavours. Many people now prefer non-alcoholic cocktails. Crossip's range allows everyone to enjoy drinks together.

Carl Anthony Brown, an experienced mixologist, founded Crossip. The brand focuses on taste, well-being, and community. They create strong flavours by blending and reducing botanicals. Their aim is to offer non-alcoholic spirits that have their own distinct, complex flavours.

Crossip's spirits suit many tastes. "Pure Hibiscus" is rich and fruity. "Fresh Citrus" is bright and zesty. "Dandy Smoke" has a smoky, peaty taste. They focus on offering full-flavoured and satisfying drinks.

The brand supports 'Mindful Drinking'. This reflects a global trend towards wellness and healthier choices. Crossip's non-alcoholic options let people enjoy socialising without alcohol. This mindful approach also supports overall health and well-being.

Crossip is more than just a spirits brand. They help the community and support charities. Buying from them means supporting good causes. It's about enjoying drinks and giving back.

For cocktail making, it is a great alternative. It allows for non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails or new creations. It offers mixologists and home bartenders new options. They can enjoy cocktail culture without alcohol.

Crossip shows a change in drinking culture. It promotes drinking as a wholesome, inclusive, and mindful act. With its non-alcoholic spirits and focus on community and wellness, Crossip is more than a brand. It's a movement towards drinking choices that are good for us and for others.

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