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Copperfish Distillery

Copperfish Distillery is in Looe, Cornwall. It started in 2018 and is part of the craft distillery industry. They focus on handmade, high-quality spirits. They make small batches that reflect Cornwall's heritage. The distillery uses local ingredients. This supports the local economy and reduces transport.

Their logo, designed by Andrea Lilley, honours Cornwall's fishing and mining history. It also refers to the stills used in distilling. The copper colour on their labels adds to their authentic look.

Copperfish first made Moonshine in the summer of 2018. It uses Cornish corn. Moonshine could become whisky after three years in oak barrels. But Copperfish chose to make flavourful moonshines with English tastes. This echoes similar spirits in the USA.

They also make rum and gin. Their rum comes from cane molasses. It's carefully made through fermentation, distillation, and ageing in oak casks. It has won awards. Their Looe Gin uses a special mix of botanicals. It's a classic gin that goes well with Mediterranean Tonic.

Copperfish Distillery focuses on quality, sustainability, and the local economy. Their spirits are meant to be enjoyed and are part of Cornwall's story.

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