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Condesa Gin

La Condesa is in the centre of Mexico City. It's a green area with art-deco buildings and tree-lined streets. This setting inspired Condesa Gin. It reflects the mix of old and new in the district.

Condesa Clásica is more than gin. It celebrates Mexico's plants and traditional ceremonies. Curanderos, or healers, use these herbs for their powers. The gin is made with more classic botanicals like juniper, coriander, lime, and orange. It also includes more diverse flavours like palo santo, sage, lemon verbena, and myrrh. It's a mix of herbal, floral, and citrus tastes. The aftertaste is warm and a bit bitter. It reminds drinkers of Mexican rituals.

Xoconostle y Azahar is like spring in Mexico City. It's named after the desert cactus fruit and orange blossom. It also has Mexican lime. This gin suits all tastes, especially in warm weather. Its mix includes prickly pear, orange blossom, raspberry, juniper, coriander, and lime. This makes it crisp and fresh.

Condesa Gin is more than a drink. It tells the story of La Condesa in Mexico City. It has the area's cultural and plant life. The Clásica has herbal and thoughtful tastes. The Xoconostle y Azahar is bright and cheerful. Condesa Gin brings La Condesa's charm to drinkers. It invites them to enjoy its unique character.

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