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Comte de Ferragunt Armagnac

Armagnac is France's oldest brandy and is known for its quality. It comes from the Gascony region. It may be less famous than cognac but has a unique character. Comte de Ferragunt is a key producer of Armagnac.

The Comte de Ferragunt distillery is in Gascony. They focus on traditional Armagnac making. This gives their spirits great quality and taste. It captures Gascony's rich land.

Comte de Ferragunt uses a single distillation method. This is different from cognac's double distillation. Single distillation in an "alambic" still makes Armagnac rich and full. It keeps the fruity and earthy flavours from the grapes and land.

Ageing is another strong point here. Armagnac needs time to mature. They age it in local Monlezun oak barrels. This wood gives the brandy a unique taste. Over time, the Armagnac gets flavours like dried fruit, vanilla, oak, and spice. Comte de Ferragunt ensures each vintage is aged perfectly.

Comte de Ferragunt offers a range of aged Armagnacs. They range from young, with fresh grape and oak tastes, to old ones with deep complexity. Each sip is a journey of discovery.

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