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Cognac Couprie

Cognac Couprie is a testament to the long-standing tradition and dedication that goes into crafting the iconic French brandy, Cognac. Nestled in the Grande Champagne region, one of the premier crus of the Cognac region, Couprie holds an exceptional pedigree when it comes to producing fine spirits.

Family-run and deeply rooted in tradition going back to the 1700s, Couprie has been able to maintain its artisanal approach to Cognac-making. The house's commitment to quality starts from the very beginning – the vineyards. By overseeing every stage, from the tending of the vines, harvesting of the grapes, to the distillation and ageing, Couprie ensures that the Cognac produced is of the highest standard.

Cognac Couprie's offerings are a reflection of the house's dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship. Their Cognacs are known for their elegance, balanced palate, and the depth of flavours, a direct result of meticulous production methods combined with the blessings of the Grande Champagne terroir.

Furthermore, the ageing process is crucial in developing the spirit's complexity. Couprie's cellars, with their thick stone walls, provide an ideal environment for the eaux-de-vie to mature gracefully in oak barrels. Over time, the spirit imbibes the subtle notes from the wood, mellowing and gaining character.

For enthusiasts and novices alike, Cognac Couprie offers a genuine experience of what top-tier Cognac from the Grande Champagne region should be.

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