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Cîroc Vodka distillery

Cîroc Vodka is unique in the vodka market. It uses fine French grapes instead of grains or potatoes. The grapes, Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc, are from France's Gaillac and Cognac regions. This gives Cîroc a fresh and smooth taste.

The name Cîroc combines the French words for "peak" and "rock." This refers to the high-altitude vineyards in Gaillac. The production uses traditional wine-making methods. The grapes undergo cold fermentation, keeping their fresh, fruity quality. They are distilled five times. The first four distillations use stainless steel stills. The fifth is in a copper pot still in Distillerie de Chevanceaux.

This process creates smooth vodka with a sweet, fruity taste. Cîroc is aromatic with citrus hints. It has a velvety texture and a clean finish. It lacks the harshness of grain-based spirits.

The brand started in 2003. It is known for its taste and luxury brand image. There are also flavoured vodkas like mango, apple, and peach. These are infused with natural flavours. They are popular in cocktails for their fruit twist.

The vodka is good neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its smoothness suits a luxury martini. Its fruit notes work well in sweet cocktails.

Cîroc Vodka is a high-end, innovative spirit. It appeals to vodka fans and those who want a modern vodka. Its grape base and distillation process make it smooth and flavourful. Cîroc stands out in the vodka category.

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