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Château de Castex Armagnac

Château de Castex, in France's Armagnac region, has a long history in spirit production. This estate is known for its role in making Armagnac, one of France's oldest eaux-de-vie. It has a rich heritage and has been cultivating its land for generations.

The château is a symbol of French nobility's historic role in winemaking and spirit production. It has beautiful vineyards and a traditional cellar. It's more than a production site; it's a keeper of regional culture.

At Château de Castex, making Armagnac is an artisanal process. The estate uses local grape varieties specific to Armagnac. They distil the spirit using a traditional column still, which adds complexity and depth.

The Armagnac ages in French oak barrels in the château's cellars. Over time, it develops rich fruit, spice, and woody notes. Each barrel's ageing process is unique, making every batch different.

Château de Castex is known for its excellent Armagnacs. It balances tradition with innovation. The estate honours age-old methods but also focuses on sustainable, responsible practices.

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