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Charlie's Classic Cocktails

Charlie's Classic Cocktails signifies a journey into the realm of timeless, classic drinks crafted with precision and a touch of nostalgia by its founder, Charlie. Established with the aspiration to bring the impeccable taste of classic cocktails into homes, the brand pledges not merely a bottle of expertly mixed drinks but a slice of timeless cocktail heritage to its clientele.

Derived from a rich understanding and an appreciable experience in bartending, Charlie embarked on a venture to encapsulate the quintessence of classic cocktails that have withstood the test of time in a manner most straightforward for cocktail enthusiasts to enjoy. It was an adventure that commenced with meticulous measurements and experimentation with extraction techniques and ultimately culminated in a selection of classic cocktails, each paired with a uniquely crafted garnish that Charlie takes immense pride in.

Charlie’s Classic Cocktails operates on principles of simplicity, honesty, and unassailable quality, not just in the cocktails but also in the service and the promises made to customers. The sustainability efforts and the choice of spirits are not marketed hyperboles but straightforward truths. The spirits utilised, including Woodford Reserve and Portobello Road Gin, are chosen not only for their exemplary quality but also due to the admirable ethics of the distillers.

The product range isn’t merely a selection but a carefully curated anthology of classic cocktails. From the dark and mysterious Black Russian, created using super premium Russian Vodka - Beluga Noble and the rich coffee liqueur, Mr. Black, to the Sazerac, which is a blend of the splendid Hine VSOP cognac with Peychaud's Bitters, a dash of La Fee absinthe, and a mild mellowing with light sugar, each cocktail tells a story from a bygone era. The Negroni stays true to its roots, with the irreplaceable Campari, Martini Rosso, and a traditionally flavoured Portobello Road gin, and each cocktail in the collection, be it the Rusty Nail, Vodka Martini, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Gin Martini, is a timeless classic, retold by Charlie with a keen eye for authenticity and a deft hand for mixing.

An integral part of the experience with Charlie’s is the 'signature spritz', a creation designed to amplify the sensory enjoyment of the cocktails without necessitating complex garnishing skills from the consumer. Each cocktail is complemented by the spritz, encapsulating the aromas of fresh citrus, to be simply spritzed over the drink before savouring.

The brand desires to evolve, not just in its offerings but also as a community. It intends to grow and diversify its range of cocktails, aligning the expansion with the preferences and desires of its customer base. It is a commitment to deliver not just a product but an experience - one that respects the authenticity of classic cocktails while seamlessly blending it with the convenience of modern consumption.

In every bottle from Charlie’s Classic Cocktails, you’re not just receiving a drink but a meticulously crafted, timeless classic designed for easy enjoyment - chill, pour, spritz, and sip - embodying a simplicity that encourages you to relax and savour every moment and every sip.

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