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Casa Montelobos Mezcal

Casa Montelobos is a well-known brand in the growing mezcal market. They focus on traditional methods and the drink's heritage in Mexican culture. The brand is named after the Montelobos Estate. Here, the passion for making mezcal is as strong as the soil where the agave grows.

Mezcal is like a smoky version of tequila. It is made from different types of agave. Casa Montelobos uses 100% organically certified agave espadín. This agave is known for its thick leaves and large piñas. These provide the sugars needed for fermentation.

Making the mezcal involves old techniques. The harvesting is done by hand by experts called jimadores. They pick the agave at the right time for the best quality.

After harvesting, the agave heart, or piña, is cooked in earth ovens. These are lined with volcanic rocks. The agave is slow-roasted over hot stones for several days. This adds the smoky flavour mezcal is known for.

Next, the cooked agaves are crushed to get the juice. Casa Montelobos uses a tahona, a large stone wheel. This traditional method gently extracts the juice, keeping the agave's natural flavours.

Fermentation is important. The Casa lets natural yeasts do the work. They avoid using commercial yeasts. This keeps the mezcal's unique taste. The process takes up to thirty days in wooden vats.

The spirit is then distilled in copper pot stills. This method gives a smooth distillate. Casa Montelobos distils their mezcal twice for the right alcohol content and flavour.

The brand's focus on tradition extends to its packaging. The labels show the rustic and earthy qualities of the mezcal.

Casa Montelobos offers different mezcals. Some are clear joven mezcals, bottled right after distillation. Others are aged or rested for more complex flavours. These mezcals can taste smoky, mineral, fruity, or floral. They have a smooth finish.

Mezcal lovers enjoy Casa Montelobos neat or with orange and sal de gusano. It is also great in cocktails, like a Mezcal Margarita or other inventive drinks.

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