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Calvert Whiskey

Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky is known for its rich heritage and smooth taste. Its approachable flavour and versatility make it popular among both whisky enthusiasts and casual drinkers.

History and Legacy

Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky started in the early 20th century, a booming period for Canadian whisky. Its name, inspired by Lord Baltimore, Calvert, links to nobility and tradition. Through the years, Lord Calvert has kept its identity as a classic Canadian whisky.

Production Process

Lord Calvert follows traditional Canadian whisky methods. It starts with selecting grains, mainly corn, with rye and barley adding flavour and depth. After distillation, it is aged in oak barrels. This is where it gets its smoothness and notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel.

Flavour Profile

Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky is smooth and mellow. It appeals to many with its mix of sweet and spicy notes and a hint of fruitiness. This flavour makes Lord Calvert easy for newcomers to whisky, yet complex enough for seasoned drinkers and connoisseurs.

Packaging and Branding

Lord Calvert's packaging shows its commitment to quality and heritage. The branding highlights Lord Calvert’s Canadian roots and long history.

Its easy-to-drink nature has made it popular in bars and homes in Canada and abroad. The brand has made its mark in the competitive whisky world.

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