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Calabro Liqueurs

Located in the heart of Italy, a country renowned for its long-standing traditions in winemaking and spirits, Calabro Distillery has carved a niche for itself with its distinctive and innovative liqueurs. In a market dominated by well-established names, Calabro stands out, thanks to its bold and adventurous flavour profiles.

While many Italian distilleries have historically leaned towards the production of classic liqueurs, such as limoncello or amaro, Calabro has chosen a path less travelled. Their selection showcases the richness and variety of Italy's regional produce and traditional flavours.

Clementine Liqueur: Reflecting the sun-soaked orchards of southern Italy, this liqueur captures the sweet, tangy essence of clementines. It's a vibrant expression, reminiscent of Mediterranean summers, perfect as a palate cleanser or in citrus-forward cocktails.

Porcino Liqueur: A testament to Calabro's innovative spirit, this liqueur infuses the earthy, woody notes of porcini mushrooms. It's a unique concoction, providing a depth of flavour that can be a revelation to the uninitiated – ideal for those looking to experiment with savoury cocktails or even culinary applications.

Peperoncino Liqueur: Embracing the fiery heart of southern Italy, this liqueur is imbued with the spicy kick of peperoncino (Italian chilli peppers). It's a bold choice for those who enjoy a touch of heat in their drinks, working well as a base for spicy cocktails or simply sipped on its own for the more adventurous.

Finocchietto Liqueur: Drawing inspiration from the aromatic wild fennel that grows abundantly in the Italian countryside, this liqueur is a fragrant blend of sweet and herbal notes. It's a versatile spirit, suitable for both sipping and mixing, offering a refreshing taste of Italian tradition.

Calabro Distillery's approach to liqueur-making is a harmonious blend of respect for Italian traditions and a desire to push the boundaries. By focusing on intriguing flavours, they've managed to capture the essence of Italy in each bottle, providing both locals and global enthusiasts a chance to experience the diverse palate of the Italian landscape.

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