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Burnt Faith Brandy

Burnt Faith Distillery is the UK's first real brandy house. It takes a new approach to making brandy. Instead of importing and relabelling, it makes its own brandies.

Location and Equipment

The distillery is in London. It has the right knowledge, equipment, and attitude for making brandy. A key part of their process is the charentais pot still. This is best for brandy and is rare in Britain. They use a two-stage distillation process. It takes 12 hours, then 14 hours. This makes Eau De Vie, their raw spirit.


Burnt Faith blends tradition and innovation. The team studied traditional brandy-making in France's Cognac region. They believe the best brandy is still to come. This view leads them to try new things in brandy-making.

Challenging Norms

They question using only three grape types and certain oak for barrels. They are experimenting with four grape varieties: Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Blanc. They also use various wooden barrels for ageing. This includes barrels that held American Bourbon, Spanish brandy, Pineau des Charentes, Cognac, and Cherry Liqueur.

The Result

Their brandy is unique, aged and bottled in Britain. It has caramel notes, a fruity profile, and a smooth finish. The nose has orange juice and strawberries. The taste is rich with caramel, buttery crumpets, and marmalade. The finish has cherry cola and milk chocolate.

Burnt Faith Distillery is redefining brandy. It combines traditional knowledge with bold innovation. They offer a unique British brandy to the world.

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