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BTG Spa Wine

Bottega, nestled in the scenic Veneto region of Italy, is a name synonymous with premium Prosecco and a range of exquisite Italian spirits. With a rich heritage that traces its roots back decades, Bottega has become a household name in the global spirits and wine industry.

Accademia, Ca' Neri, and Pronol – The Crown Jewels

Among the diverse range of products Bottega offers, brands like Accademia, Ca' Neri, and Pronol stand out, each offering unique takes on the renowned Prosecco.

Accademia: Representing the artistry and finesse of Italian winemaking, Accademia is a Prosecco for the connoisseur. Perfectly balanced with notes of green apple, pear, and floral undertones, it's a sparkling wine that embodies the elegance of the Veneto region.

Ca' Neri: A testament to tradition, Ca' Neri captures the timeless essence of Prosecco. With its effervescent character and crisp finish, it's a favorite for those seeking authenticity in every sip.

Pronol: Modern and approachable, Pronol offers a vibrant and fresh perspective on Prosecco. It's the choice for contemporary wine enthusiasts looking to experience the best of what Italian sparkling wines have to offer.

Beyond just Prosecco, Bottega's commitment to quality is evident in its meticulous production methods, which combine traditional techniques with modern innovations. This ensures that every bottle, whether it's Accademia, Ca' Neri, Pronol, or any of their other offerings, meets the gold standard that consumers have come to expect from the Bottega name.

Through brands like Accademia, Ca' Neri, and Pronol, Bottega (BTG Spa) continues to share the spirit and flavors of the Veneto region with the world. Whether you're raising a toast on a special occasion or enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones, their Proseccos promise to elevate the moment.

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