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Brennerei Ziegler Freudenberg Whisky

The distillery Brennerei Ziegler is located in Freudenberg am Main, Germany. It is known for traditional craft methods, innovation, and high-quality spirits. Since 1865, Ziegler has been famous for its fruit brandies.

The Distillery

J. B. Ziegler started the distillery. He was passionate about making exceptional eaux-de-vie, a clear fruit brandy. Freudenberg's orchards provide the fruits for Ziegler's brandies, like apples, pears, and plums.

The Process

Ziegler's focus is on quality. They use traditional distillation methods to get pure flavours from fruits. The process starts with choosing the best fruits, mostly from local orchards. Natural fermentation turns sugars into alcohol, creating complex flavours. After fermentation, the spirit is distilled. Ziegler uses pot stills for rich flavours and column stills for purity. Some spirits age in wooden casks for years, deepening the flavours.

The Range

Ziegler makes classic fruit brandies and has expanded to liqueurs, aperitifs, and whiskies. The Aureum 1865 Whisky is a special creation, made from selected grains and aged in wood. It has a rich golden colour and complex flavours. This whisky has won global praise.

The company is also committed to sustainability. They practice responsible waste management and energy use, respecting Freudenberg's natural landscapes.

Visitor Experience

The distillery is a cultural spot in Freudenberg. They offer tours, tastings, and events. Visitors can see the orchards, and the distillation process, and learn about the distillery's history.

In summary, Brennerei Ziegler blends tradition, innovation, and artistry. After more than 150, the spirits represent Freudenberg's heritage and the Ziegler family's passion.

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