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Bottlers & Distillers (Wales)

Wales is known for its beautiful landscapes and traditions. It's also experiencing a revival in spirit distillation. Building on its brewing and winemaking history, Welsh distillers are making top-quality spirits. They offer a range of whiskies and gins, appealing to both experts and beginners.


Wales has a long history of making spirits, but it paused in the 19th and 20th centuries. The last old distillery, Frongoch, closed in the early 1900s. A revival started in the 21st century with Penderyn in 2004. It was the first Welsh whisky distillery in over a century. This started a new wave of Welsh spirit-making.

Notable Distillers

- Penderyn Distillery: A leader in the Welsh whisky revival, Penderyn has won awards for its single malts. They use unique stills and water from the Brecon Beacons. Their whiskies, often finished in Madeira casks, are known for their sweetness.

- Da Mhile Distillery: Starting with organic whisky, they now make gin. Their seaweed gin, with seaweed from the Celtic coast, has a unique taste.

- Aber Falls Distillery: In North Wales, they are known for gins and liqueurs. They use Welsh ingredients, like in their rhubarb & ginger gin and salted toffee liqueur.

Bottlers and Their Role

Bottlers are important in the spirits industry. They help small distilleries with maturation and packaging. In Wales, independent bottlers work with distillers on limited editions and experimental flavours. They ensure the spirit is high-quality from start to finish.

Craftsmanship and Ingredients

Welsh spirits stand out for their craftsmanship and local ingredients. Distillers often use Welsh water and local botanicals. This gives the spirits a unique Welsh character. From coastal notes in gins to peaty whiskies, each bottle reflects Wales.

Global Recognition

Welsh spirits are gaining global recognition. Welsh whiskies have won awards internationally. Gins and other spirits are popular in Wales and abroad, with exports growing.

Wales, a land of myths and beauty, is making its mark with its spirits industry. Welsh distillers and bottlers focus on quality, innovation, and tradition. Whether it's a warm whisky or a refreshing gin, these spirits offer a taste of Wales.

In a world often focused on Scottish, Irish, and American whiskies, Welsh spirits are making a name for themselves. The resurgence of Welsh spirits shows a nation's love for quality and its rich history.

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