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Bordiga, in Italy's Piedmont region, stands for tradition and craftsmanship in distillation. With over 100 years of experience, Bordiga is a top producer of vermouth and various spirits. It represents Italian winemaking and distillation heritage.

The company was founded in 1888 in the Occitan Valleys of the Maritime Alps. The location was chosen for its rich biodiversity, especially in herbs. These herbs are key to many of Bordiga's products. The location is central to the brand's identity.

Vermouth, a fortified wine with herbs and botanicals, has been popular in Europe for centuries. Bordiga's vermouth follows traditional recipes, mostly unchanged since the beginning. The base is high-quality wine, with a secret mix of herbs and botanicals, many from the Occitan Valleys.

While vermouth is the main product, Bordiga also makes other unique spirits. Their gins capture the Italian Alps, with wild juniper and local botanicals. They also make traditional Italian liqueurs like amaro and limoncello. Each shows Bordiga’s careful craftsmanship.

The company is dedicated to sustainable and traditional methods. They hand-harvest wild botanicals, minimising environmental impact. This care continues in their distillation process. They use traditional methods to keep the authentic flavours of the ingredients.

Bordiga is well-known in Italy and internationally. Their focus on quality and authenticity appeals to both experts and casual drinkers. Their products are popular in bars and shops worldwide.

It is more than a distillery. It shows Italy's rich winemaking and spirit-making history. By mixing tradition with innovation and focusing on quality, it offers a true taste of the Italian Alps. For those exploring vermouth or Italian spirits, Bordiga is an essential guide.

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