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Bombo Rum revives the 18th-century sailors' practice of sweetening high-proof rum with sugar and spices. This not only improved the taste but also preserved the rum on long sea voyages. Bombo offers rums that combine traditional flavours with natural ingredients for modern tastes.

The Heritage of Bombo Rum

Bombo's inspiration comes from historical seafaring trade records. Sailors often flavoured harsh spirits with spices and sugar, common on merchant ships. Bombo sticks to this tradition, updating the flavours for today's market while honouring its nautical roots.

The Range of Flavours

The rum has a variety of flavours including caramel & spices, banana, and coconut. These unique tastes set Bombo apart from traditional rums. The flavours are often added to a base of golden rum, creating a smooth and adaptable backdrop.

Production Process

Bombo's production involves infusing quality rum with natural flavours. The exact methods, like maceration or blending, are well-controlled for consistency and balance.

Flavour Profile

Each rum variant offers a unique taste experience. The caramel & spice flavour is rich and sweet with tropical spice warmth. The banana flavour is sweet and fruity, reminiscent of island life.

Enjoying Bombo Rum

Bombo rums can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or in cocktails. Their sweetness and rich flavours suit dessert cocktails or as additions to hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate. Mixing Bombo rum with cola or ginger beer enhances its spices and sweetness.

Packaging and Branding

The branding reflects its seafaring heritage, often with nautical themes. The packaging is designed to be eye-catching and appeals to those seeking a different rum experience.

Bombo Rum targets those who like sweet, flavoured rum. It appeals to fans of traditional spiced rum who also want modern, easy-to-drink options. It fits well in the growing flavoured spirits category.

Bombo Rum links historical rum traditions with modern tastes. It respects the spirit's rich past while offering a range of products for today's consumers. Whether you're a rum expert or just enjoy a sweet, flavourful spirit, Bombo Rum offers an enjoyable introduction to flavoured rums.

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