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Bodegas de America SA Rum

Bodegas de America, while not as instantly recognizable as some of the giant names in the rum industry, holds a unique position in the world of spirits. Representing a convergence of heritage, craftsmanship, and dedication, their rums are a testament to both tradition and innovation in the realm of distillation.

Originating in Central and South America, the rums produced by Bodegas de America stand out due to their distinctive production methods and regional ingredients. The terroir of these regions, rich and diverse, provides an optimal environment for the growth of sugar cane, the foundational ingredient for rum. The influence of the climate, soil, and traditional cultivation methods impart unique characteristics to the cane, and subsequently, to the rum itself.

Bodegas de America's commitment to authenticity is evident in their choice to uphold traditional distillation methods. Utilising time-tested techniques, they ensure that the rich essence of the sugar cane is preserved in the final product. Their rums undergo a careful ageing process in wooden barrels, which adds layers of complexity and depth to the spirit. The interaction between the rum and the wood of the barrels infuses the drink with intricate flavours and aromas, ranging from caramel and vanilla to spicy undertones.

Beyond the traditional offerings, Bodegas de America has also ventured into producing flavoured rums and unique blends, catering to the evolving palate of the modern consumer.

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