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Bitteraneo Bitters

Bitteraneo comes from Greece, a land of diverse plants and unique tastes. It offers a new twist on traditional bitters by using Mediterranean herbs and citrus.

The brand's identity is linked to the Mediterranean's natural wealth. Its special ingredients are aromatic herbs and zesty citrus fruits from the region. This includes rosemary, thyme, and bitter oranges. These ingredients are not only full of flavour. They also bring a sense of the Mediterranean sun and sea. The brand tries to capture this in every bottle.

Bitteraneo takes care in its production. It carefully extracts flavours from its botanicals. This keeps the natural aromas and bitter profiles. The result is a product that is rich in flavour and balanced. It adds depth to many cocktails.

The bitters are versatile and popular. They are used in classic cocktails like the Negroni or the Americano. Their unique taste also lets mixologists experiment with new drinks. These bitters can even be used in cooking. This shows their flexibility and appeal.

The brand's packaging reflects the Mediterranean style. It uses colours and designs that remind one of the sea, citrus groves, and sunny scenes.

Bitteraneo mixes tradition and local flavour. It offers a unique bitter that brings the Mediterranean taste and feel to the world. Its focus on quality, authentic flavour, and versatility makes it a valued item for any enthusiast.

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