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Bisquit Dubouché et Cie Cognac

In the world of Cognac, Bisquit Dubouché stands out. This distillery in Cognac, France, has been making spirits for over two centuries. Its journey shows the art of Cognac-making.


Bisquit Dubouché began in 1819, started by Alexandre Bisquit. Coming from a family that loved vineyards and winemaking, Alexandre set high standards in cognac. The distillery became famous in France and abroad.

The Art of Distillation

Bisquit Dubouché is known for its long distillation process. This method, though slow, brings out more aroma and complexity in the cognac. This is a key feature of their cognacs.

Terroir and Grape Selection

The Cognac region's unique terroirs give Bisquit Dubouché its distinct taste. The distillery mainly uses Ugni Blanc grapes. These grapes, from the chalky soils of the region, add fruity notes to the cognac. The ageing process in wood also influences the taste.

Ageing and Maturation

After distillation, the spirit goes into French oak barrels for ageing. The Bisquit Dubouché cellars have the right conditions for this. Over time, the cognac takes on flavours from the wood. The cellar master oversees this to ensure quality.

Notable Expressions

Bisquit Dubouché offers various cognacs, each unique. These include the vibrant VS, the matured VSOP, and the XO, which shows their best craftsmanship. Each type reflects the distillery's legacy and offers a rich taste experience.

Modern Evolution and Acquisitions

The distillery has adapted over time. In 2017, Distell, a South African company, bought it. This brought new investment and global reach, but the distillery kept its traditional methods.

It is more than a spirits maker. It's a keeper of history, tradition, and Cognac art. Each bottle reflects the passion of its founders and the rich Cognac region. It's a symbol of French luxury and a favourite for connoisseurs.

Tasting Bisquit Dubouché Cognacs is a special experience. It takes one to the vineyards and cellars of Cognac. It's more than a name; it's a legacy.

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