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Bicerin Liqueurs

Originating from the vibrant cultural heart of Turin, Italy, Bicerin Liqueur Distillery pays homage to the traditional Italian chocolate-hazelnut coffee beverage of the same name. 'Bicerin', when translated, means 'small glass', reflecting the Turinese tradition of serving this delightful concoction in petite glasses, and the liqueur captures this essence splendidly.

Bicerin Liqueur Distillery meticulously crafts their offerings, weaving together a rich tapestry of flavours that mirror the iconic beverage. The liqueur is an elegant blend of creamy chocolate, robust coffee, and the nutty richness of hazelnuts. The result is a velvety, luxurious drink that encapsulates the spirit and warmth of Italian hospitality in a bottle.

The meticulous crafting process speaks of the distillery's dedication to authenticity. Only the finest ingredients are sourced, ensuring that each bottle captures the true essence of the original 'bicerin' drink. The chocolate element resonates with deep cocoa notes, derived from the highest quality cacao beans. The coffee component is robust and aromatic, echoing the famed Italian coffee culture, while the hazelnuts add a delicate, buttery finish, reminiscent of the Piedmont region, which is famous for its hazelnuts.

Over the years, Bicerin Liqueur Distillery has earned accolades for its commitment to preserving and promoting the Turinese tradition. While the liqueur is delightful on its own, sipped leisurely in the traditional manner, it has also found favour among mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. Its multifaceted profile makes it a versatile ingredient, lending depth and richness to various concoctions.

Furthermore, Bicerin Liqueur embodies more than just a drink; it is a celebration of Turin's rich cultural and culinary heritage. The distillery, in its essence, seeks to share a piece of this storied history with the world, one small glass at a time.

In an era where artisanal and authentic experiences are treasured, Bicerin Liqueur Distillery stands out, not only for its exquisite liqueurs but also for its dedication to keeping a cherished tradition alive. It invites all to partake in a sensory journey, right to the heart of Turin, with every sip.

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