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Baron Gaston Legrand Armagnac

Baron Gaston Legrand is a well-known name in Armagnac. They have a history of tradition and family heritage that goes back over 120 years. The business started in the Bas-Armagnac region of Lannepax, France. They are known for making traditional Armagnac. This shows their long history of making artisanal spirits.

In 1998, Cognac Lhéraud bought the brand. They did not have direct family successors. This kept the brand's tradition going. Cognac Lhéraud shares a love for fine spirits.

Baron Gaston Legrand's dedication to tradition shows in its original building and four cellars. They have lasted a long time. These places are more than just buildings. They hold the history and tradition of making Armagnac. They keep the production secrets from many generations.

The heart of their production is their two traditional stills from the early 20th century. These stills are not just for making Armagnac. They are also historical objects. They have seen how Armagnac has changed over time. The brand uses a single distillation method. This is an old way of making Armagnac in the region. It shows their respect for traditional methods.

The estate has 20 hectares of vineyards. These are not just for growing grapes for distillation. They are a key part of the brand's history. The vineyards help make Baron Gaston Legrand's Armagnac special. They add to the spirit's unique character and quality.

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