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Bare Vodka

Bare Vodka is a family-run business with deep Polish roots. They do more than just make vodka. They carry on a legacy, bringing old Polish countryside practices to your glass. Their way of making and enjoying vodka shows respect for tradition. They stick closely to old methods.

The vodka is made on a historic family farm. Bare Vodka is usually drunk at cellar temperature, not frozen. This follows the family's long-standing practices. The vodka is meant to be slowly enjoyed. Modern methods have replaced the old homemade still. But the spirit of making it remains true to tradition.

The brand has a clear mission. They aim to make excellent sipping vodka. It's good on its own or as a cocktail base. They use top grains, water, fruit, and honey. They focus on small-batch production. This uses only the best part of the distillation. This makes a vodka with an authentic, subtle taste. Quality here is a skill, not luck.

In the range, there is No.1 - Clear. This offers a crisp, clean taste. It has aromas of alpine plants and spicy notes. It is filtered through maple charcoal. It is blended with water from the Warmia Mazury region's glacial lakes. Bare Vodka only uses the best part of the distillation. This makes a smooth taste. It can be drunk at cellar temperature. This keeps an old method alive.

The company also focuses on natural, real tastes in its flavoured vodkas. These include honey and cherry variants. They avoid artificial flavours. This ensures a pure, real taste every time. All flavours are based on traditional Polish recipes.

Bare Vodka is also eco-friendly. They use recyclable packaging. They work to offset more CO2 than they produce. They aim not just to reduce their impact but to have a positive effect.

Bare Vodka is more than a drink. It invites you to join a tradition. It lets you experience vodka as more than just a drink. It's a practice, a ritual, and maybe a new personal custom. It brings together heritage and modern enjoyment in a bottle.

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