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In the historic heart of Lincoln, The Gentlemen Distillers Ltd stands as a testament to local craftsmanship, community, and passion. A small, family-driven distillery established in 2018, it was born from a simple yet profound desire: to create something truly special and deeply personal. This aspiration soon crystallised into reality with the launch of their inaugural product, Bandsman British Gin, in July 2019. A landmark moment, it signalled not just the birth of a gin, but the embodiment of a dream.

The foundation of The Gentlemen Distillers Ltd is as unique as its spirits. Every member has ties to the world of music, specifically brass and concert bands. For them, the world of banding isn't merely a pastime—it's a lifestyle. The camaraderie of bandmates, the shared rhythms, and the collaborative crescendos find parallels in the distillery's approach to gin making. Just as every musician has a unique note to play in a band, every ingredient in their gin has a role, striving for that perfect harmony of flavours.

Over a span of three years, this musical metaphor has played out beautifully, resulting in four distinct gins that comprise The Bandsman Ensemble. Each one, a symphony in its bottle, offers a distinctive taste profile, yet all resonate with the distillery's ethos of balance and harmony. Further testament to their commitment to community and goodwill, they've also crafted two special gins dedicated to supporting charitable causes.

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