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Aztec Spirits Liqueurs

Based in Wales, Aztec Spirits presents a delightful paradox: a name that evokes the rich traditions of ancient Mesoamerica combined with the verdant beauty and modern spirit-making techniques of the Welsh countryside. It's this fusion of worlds that makes their gin liqueurs stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

While their name suggests ancient roots, Aztec Spirits is decidedly contemporary in its approach to flavour. Drawing inspiration from both classic and unconventional taste profiles, they've developed a range of gin liqueurs that pique curiosity and tantalise the palate.

The Mango Sorbet liqueur, for instance, is a sun-drenched dream in a bottle. It captures the lushness of ripe mangoes, delivering a tropical escape with every sip. The delicate sweetness, paired with the botanical undertones of gin, creates a symphony of flavours that's both refreshing and complex.

Their Raspberry & Rose variant is a romantic ode to classic British summers. The tartness of raspberries, combined with the fragrant allure of roses, offers a harmonious blend. It's a liqueur that feels at once nostalgic and innovative, perfect for sipping on its own or as a vibrant addition to cocktails.

But perhaps the most whimsical in their lineup is the Birthday Cake flavour. It encapsulates the joy and indulgence of celebratory moments. Rich, creamy, and with a hint of vanilla, this liqueur is a delightful surprise, proving that Aztec Spirits isn't afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventional gin liqueur norms.

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